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In our lives, we must or want to change constantly. Often the fear of change is in our high expectations and set goals. We forget that the way and the associated development takes time. I use geometric shapes, which in the metamorphosis from square to round symbolize the transformation. The interaction with the viewer is achieved by spatially orbiting the luminaire and the resulting change in shape. It creates a connection with the object and being.

Currently 20 pieces available in aluminum.
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Award: Design Plus   Award: German Design Award 2016 Award: DMY Selected New Talent Competition 2015  Award: A' Design Award   Award: Art Design Lava Award


Every idea starts with a dash. The simpler an object the better its recognition value. I use simple geometric forms, which in the metamorphosis of the angular to round symbolize the change in life. By optical illusion the shapes merge and communicate with each other. By spatially orbiting the luminaire, the viewer can observe the form change. It creates a connection with the object and the viewer. Thus, the change remains visible as a part of our lifes.


 Raum der Veränderung







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